Where’s your favorite reading spot? How did you fall in love with books?

I’d like to get a little personal with my blog post today. This week the weather was very nice, 70s and sunny. I did some reading outside and it was wonderful! Usually I read in my living room or while lying in bed, thank goodness for the Kindle, or any e-reader, because reading a real book […]

Writers: Unsung Gods, For They Are The Creators Of Worlds –Jenny

I know it’s been awhile since we’ve had a blog post. I would apologize about that but I’m not sure how much they get read anyway. Those of us here at Ladies Night In Blog love to read but as you know sometimes life gets in the way; which is unfortunate. We all have roles […]

Memorable Quotes-Nicole

Pop culture and entertainment are a strong part of everyday life. I love movies, books and television. I love feeling connected to characters, to feel their love, pain and happiness, whatever they’re going through. Great writing will stick with you and that’s what I’m always looking for whether it’s in books, movies or TV shows. […]

The Greatest Stories — Jenny

When it comes to what makes a great book we all have different opinions. I know this because I recently suggested my favorite book (Driven by K. Bromberg) to a friend and she rated it 2 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. I couldn’t believe it. To reciprocate I have to read one of her […]

If our favorite books were movies-Nicole

Thanks to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie there is a lot of buzz about who would be cast to play some of our favorite characters. There are so many possibilities of which books are good enough to be made into movies or television shows it is hard to pick just a few. There are […]

The Greatest Couples –Jennifer

What makes a good love story? So many things come to mind when asked this question. Sometimes its the relaxing, easy, and uncomplicated relationship between the couple. Other times it’s the dangerous, gut wrenching, and erotic events that completely blows your mind. Regardless, we as readers want to connect with the couple. The more emotions we […]

Fifty Shades of Amazing: My Thoughts –Jenny

Last night my girlfriends and I saw Fifty Shades of Grey after having dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Five of the six of us had read the book and had been looking forward to this day since the announcement was made back in 2013. We even preordered tickets the first day it was available. […]

To Be An Actor –Nicole

I’m sure that many people dream of being an actor or performer of some sort. I know I have. To be able to play different characters, to live for a little while in a fantasyland. Making tons of money would be nice too. However, I never even participated in a school play or have any […]

Reading versus Watching — Jennifer

In the crazy world around us, most people would chose to watch a movie versus reading the book. I on the other hand am on the other end of this statement. I think reading is more enjoyable and sanctions you to expand your vocabulary and knowledge. It is also private, with an author and yourself […]

Those Rare Gems You Read – Jenny

The first blog post. It has to be amazing and epic. At least that’s what I’m telling myself as I work out exactly what I want to talk about. I realize as I prepare for this very small piece of writing that I feel that I have the heart of an author. I love to […]