TGIT Recap

Grey’s Anatomy: Maggie wakes up with the hot intern, she tries to get him to leave without being seen but Amelia is in the hallway. Meredith is having a dinner party, which she didn’t realize it was today. A “Silver Flood” is happening, all hands are needed on deck. A bus full of senior citizens […]

TGIT Recap

Grey’s Anatomy: It is Miranda Bailey’s first day as Chief of Surgery. She’s a little nervous and doesn’t want to show any favoritism towards anyone. April has lesions all over her back, Bailey puts her in “the bubble” while they wait for test results. Meredith is overwhelmed with all of the tasks Bailey keeps asking […]

TGIT Recap

Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith, Amelia and Pierce are now living together, and trying to figure out how to get along. Weber is going to show the new candidate for chief, Dr. McConnell, around the hospital, Bailey invites herself to tag along. There is a train accident involving 2 high school aged girls. Callie discovers that it […]

TV Shows 5/10/2015-5/14/2015

Revenge (Series Finale): Margaux gives Victoria her new identity, money and has a private jet taking her out of the country. Victoria tells Margaux that the corpse she used to pass off as herself, was her mother! Amanda goes in front of the court and says she is guilty of the murder of Victoria Grayson. […]

TV Shows 5/3/2015-5/7/2015

Secrets and Lies: Cornell sends police to Ben so they can find Abby. Cornell asks if he raped Jess. Ben runs out the back door and breaks into Jess’s house. Jess is claiming that Ben raped her last night. Ben is taken into custody. Cornell sees the way Jess is smiling as Ben is being […]

TV Shows 4/26/2015-4/30/2015

Secrets and Lies: Detective Cornell doesn’t believe Ben killed Tom, finally! Ben confronts Christy about where she got the money. She says Michael gave it to her, $150,000 over the years. Christy give him divorce papers and leaves. Jess’s sister Nicole is cleaning out Tom’s room for her. Bens asks how Jess is doing and […]

TV Shows 4/23/2015

Now that vacation is over (unfortunately), it’s time for me to get back on track with our TV shows! Grey’s Anatomy: Derek is driving to the airport, taking a shortcut, where there is no cell phone reception. A corvette comes up behind him passes him, then the car in front of him, they hit and […]

TV Shows 4/6/2015-4/9/2015

Dancing With the Stars: Nastia and Derek had the most amazing, beautiful dance I’ve probably ever seen, Len had to rain on everyone’s parade and say it wasn’t Argentine Tango enough for him. Boo Len! Thank you Bruno for the first 10 of the season! Michael Sams’ story is so sad, we all love Michael! […]

TV shows 3/29/2015-4/2/2015

I’m going to try something new and instead of writing about the shows as I watch them I’m going to write recaps in case you miss an episode. I will still include some of my thoughts on what’s happening too. Let me know which view point you’d rather read! Secrets and Lies: Ben agrees to […]

TV Shows 3/23/2015-3/26/2015

Dancing with the Stars: I love Witney Carson and Julianne’s look tonight! Rumer is so pretty! Her and Willow Shields were amazing. I love Willow and Mark’s outfits. Noah is amazing, a veteran, adorable and sexy (don’t listen to Len, keep the shirt open, or off for every dance)! Nastia has beautiful arms and hands, […]