Review: Tickle His Fancy: Trident Security Book 6 By Samantha A. Cole

I give this book 5/5 glasses of wine!


All around him, Brody ‘Egghead’ Evans’ Trident Security teammates have fallen in love and gotten their happily ever after. Ironically, they had always thought the charismatic Dominant would be the first one to fall—not the last. While helping his boss’s fiancée find a new bakery for their wedding cake, he finds himself drooling—not over the delicious confections, but the sweet baker who’d created them.

The lone survivor, Francine ‘Fancy’ Maguire’s world was destroyed when her husband and unborn baby perished in a horrific car accident. Three years later, she is finally shedding the dark shroud she was existing under and starting to live once more. When a handsome customer takes an interest in her, he sparks something deep within her that she never expected to feel again. But will she dare to give love another try?

With a killer on the loose and an unknown vandal targeting Fancy’s business, Brody finds plenty of reasons to keep her close. Can he break through the steel barrier she has wrapped around her heart? Or will he lose her before he can convince her to take a second chance on love?


I have waited so long to hear Brody’s story and Samantha did not disappoint!!! Samantha writes so well that you are able to feel like you’re right there in the story. Fancy is the perfect match for Brody. She’s very guarded (for good reason) at first but it’s impossible to resist Brody’s charm. There is a killer on the loose and it looks like they may be targeting Fancy by vandalizing her bakery. I won’t give away the suspense story but I will tell you I did not see it coming!

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