Book Review: Devil’s Spare Change – Malone Brothers Book 2 by Samantha A. Cole

I give this book 5/5 glasses of wine!


FBI agent Sean Malone put in a transfer to return home to North Carolina in order to be closer to his expanding family. What he didn’t expect was a pleasant surprise from his youth. Little Gracie Whitman is all grown up now and drop-dead gorgeous, and he finds himself thinking about her in ways he’d never done before.

When Grace’s parents retire to Arizona from New York, she decides to follow her dream of opening her own physical therapy center. Whisper, North Carolina, where her aunt lives and where Grace had spent her summers, is the perfect place for it—especially when she finds her childhood crush has returned to Whisper as well.

As the two get to know each other all over again, Sean’s month-long planned vacation is brutally interrupted. A deranged serial killer has settled in Dare County, North Carolina, and after three victims, the local law enforcement is bringing in all the help they can. Are the killings over or have they just begun? And if they continue, who will be the next victim?

The Malone Brothers series can be read as stand alones but they follow a timeline and are best read in order.

Book 1 – Take the Money and Run (KC & Moriah)



This is not a damsel in distress novel, and I LOVE that! Grace is strong, independent and doesn’t need a man in her life, but who wouldn’t want Sean Malone! Grace and Sean spent some time together during the summer when they were young, and now they find themselves as adults back in Sean’s hometown. As always Samantha’s storytelling is spot on and I can’t put down her books! You get it all with this book. Suspense with a serial killer on the loose and there is all the feels with the budding romance of Grace and Sean.

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